Which course is more tougher: CMA or CA?| Is CMA more tougher than CA?

 Is ICWA(CMA) more tougher than CA...or which is more tougher CA or CMA ?

No, the two are equal. But if you go through the percentage of success then Yes, CMA is more difficult than CA. This is because the percentage of CA success is higher than CMA. If you do CA, there is a greater chance of erasing the same thing.

Also, remember that this can be temporary too. By the time you reach the final, the percentage of success in CA may be lower than that of the CMA. So, in short, both are equal

These two courses are almost at the same level (attention: it's almost the same but not exactly)

There are different differences that I will remove


  • CA has less syllabus but more detailed
  • CMAs have more syllabus, but the details are less
  • But what makes the difference here is that you can success these two exams by studying one in terms of hard work.

2. Intermediate level

CA have some difficult subjects in the inter level, but as Cma consists of 8 subjects with one more subject compared to Ca have 7 subjects. The CMA is once again benefiting from an extensive program of courses in relation to CA, but CA once again has a more detailed program. Communications are more difficult to compare with the broad choices available for CMA exams.

3. Final level

At the last level, we are confronted with the same number of subjects in CA and CMA. Here we are faced with the same level of tenacity in the program..

But here's the main part, CA offers you more job security than CMA.

This has more restrictions on your training period than you can choose when you complete the training period after appearing at the last level or you can claim your work experience in specific areas in specified organizations.

In this case, you must take a course of three years after completing this course (ipce). Cma have more flexibility.

In my opinion, both courts are tougher, but cma is tougher than that in some of the concepts that will be there in the final.

CMA includes all the subjects of CA and the depth of the subjects in cma is more particularly taxation and cost accounting.

CMA hasan additional operational subject to compare to ca.
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