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 Dubai Employment Tips,Tricks & Tips to Get a Job in Dubai -How to find jobs in Dubai

This article about 8 Tips to Get Jobs Easily in Dubai How to get a job in Dubai: 8 steps Complete guide on how to get job in Dubai first time? How Can I Find a Job in Dubai
How Can I Find a Job in Dubai? - Dubai Employment Tips Tips to Get a Job in Dubai
How to find jobs in Dubai,Tips to find jobs in Dubai Finding jobs and work experience in the United Arab Emirates

Good news for anyone looking for a job in Dubai is that, according to a recent survey, 83% of companies in the United Arab Emirates plan to recruit in 2013. Dubai was voted as the 2nd best city in the Middle East and in North Africa lives and ranked as the 5th best city in the region for the opportunity to get a job. According to 73% of the citizens of Dubai, the living conditions in Dubai are excellent.

However, it is always important to make a list before starting a job search in other cities or countries. Here we will mention 8 best tips you need to follow to make your job search in Dubai easier and to increase hiring opportunities in Dubai.

How to get a job in Dubai: 8 Tips

1 - Identify purpose, strength, weaknesses

As the Dubai job market is very competitive, it is very important to identify your goals and you should know your strengths and weaknesses. It is very important for you to ask yourself questions about how you could benefit your employer as well as your aspirations and motivations. Also, you should be able to satisfy the employer about your past and present work experience. Doing research on the employer (you can do this by visiting their websites) will certainly help you convince the employer that you can be a real asset to your team.

2 - Research job market

With most local employers now being advertised on different job sites, it's not very difficult to know the labor market trends in your particular industry. By researching these sites, you can easily find out who is hiring and which skills related to your sector are in high demand. The search will help you find out which company, position to target and how easily you can approach the employer. I am here the list of the most popular job sites in Dubai, where you can find jobs in all sectors and at all levels, such as junior level to senior management.

Some popular job sites in Dubai are:
Emirates ads
Gulf News
Khaleej Times
The Emirates network

3 - Create Online Resume and Cover Letter

As mentioned earlier, today almost all employers know the power of the Internet and, according to one report, 84% of employers take the time to evaluate candidates online before making a decision. It is therefore very important for you to build an online resume and a cover letter to increase your hiring opportunities. Also be sure to regularly update your resume online and save it to almost any work site. Your resume should look professional and the content appropriate to the job. Also, you need to include a lot of keywords and details related to your sector such as, targeted industry, targeted job roles, your work experience and your skills. The keywords will make your resume easy to find and help you stay ahead of the competition.

4 - Create a public profile online

Once your resume is ready and online, it is recommended to have an online public profile with a custom URL. This way, it's easy for employers to find you via Google. Most importantly, it says more details about yourself than just the resume and cover letter. It's like your online business card and allows you to get your colleagues to take your skills. For the online public profile, you can use many online platforms like is the most popular. Also many online job websites offer these services as If you already know and are comfortable with any other website, you should share it in a comment so others can find out too.

5 - Define a routine and follow it

It is very important that you continue to apply regularly for a month before coming to Dubai. The reason is that employers usually take the time to review applications and, of course, your time is limited. After arriving in Dubai do not forget to update your details on your online resume and on your public profile. It is very important to keep applying for jobs and keep your CV regularly updated. Continuing to refresh your resume online, ensures that your resume is above the search results of the employers.

6 - Be patient and persistent

Because Dubai has become the hotspot for job seekers around the world, it is very easy for the job seeker to be disappointed with the result. You should understand the fact that it is not very easy to get a job in Dubai with such high competitions. But at the same time, Dubai has the lowest unemployment rate in the world and getting a good job is not impossible. You just need to be patient and persistent when looking for a job in Dubai.

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7 - Expanded network

Networking would not be easy for you because you are new to the city and do not care much about employers and you do not have much information about the local market. So the best way to find out is to keep checking for job or job postings happening in the city. It is advisable to organize your visit when these exhibitions / fairs are planned. This will help you personally meet employers or conduct informative interviews with company representatives, for example, which companies would be best able to apply and ask for other contacts for your network.

8 - Follow up

As mentioned earlier, you must update your contact information after you arrive in the city and you must also send follow-up emails to the companies you have applied for. Tell them that you are in the city and available for interviews. If you are unable to arrange job interviews prior to your city visit, schedule at least some informational interviews.

In my opinion, it is wise to plan a few days or a month trip to Dubai and look for work or check the market yourself. But it can be very difficult at the same time because it will be a new place for you and it is not always easy to walk in a completely strange city without any help. I hope that by keeping the points in mind, you can easily compare the jackpot to find work without doing homework.

If someone has more tips please share with us as everyone wants to try their luck or if you ask me for recommendations then instead of wasting your time here and there, you should click here for the full guide and detailed Dubai.
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