Tally Tips_ Accounting Heads of Incomes|Download Accounting Heads for Tally

Tally Tips_ Accounting Heads of Incomes

Here you can check about Download Accounting Heads for Tally -
Tally Tips_ Accounting Heads of Incomes _ Expenses Tally ledger under group list
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Accounting Heads of Incomes and Download Accounting Heads for Tally

Download Accounting Heads for Tally, we provide a list of all Accounting Heads for description. You can find all the details of these accounting heads. Accounting managers are very important for the account. We have always categorized a number of expenses into account and used these heads. This is my first article on Tally in the next articles, we provide useful shortcut keys and we import the voucher export procedures into the account.

Now we provide a list of Accounting Managers to get an account in Excel format, you can download Accounting Heads for Tally in one click. Before going to download these accounting chiefs first, we can understand what the accounting managers are.

Download Accounting Heads for Tally

Who are the chief accountants

Tally is the best accounting software for small and mid-sized businessmen. Companies are different types and the nature of the business is also different, so we do not classify the accountant for each company. Accountants are also referred to as accounts. We do not do accounting heads for all expenses because the expenses are many types, so we have created Ledgers for these expenses, such as Office Exp. Gasoline and Diesel Expenses, Transportation Expansion etc.

Common accounting heads

We provide a common list of accounting chiefs. if you want to download the complete list of accounting heads, scroll down and download all accounting lists
Accounting Charges
Audit Fees
Bank Charges
Conveyance Exp.
Newspaper Exp
Salary & Wages
Electricity & Water Exp.
Printing & Stationery
Sales Tax Demand Exp.
Shop Rent
Repair & Maint.
Staff Welfare
Telephone Exp.
Tender Exp.
Office Exp
Purchase Accounts
Sales Account
Duties and Taxes
Direct Expenses
Indirect Expenses
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