*new* List of Tally 9 Ledgers under Group List, Tally 9- Group List Full

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Here you will going to learn about List of Tally Ledgers under Group List, Tally Group List FullTally ledger under group list List of Ledgers required for a company its groups in Tally ERP 9TALLY LEDGER & GROUP LIST List of Tally 9 Ledgers under Group List, Tally 9 Group List Full   
List-of-Tally-9-Ledgers-under-Group-List-Tally-9- Group-List-Full.


Tally ledger under group list ,List of Tally Ledgers under Group List, Tally Group List Full

List of Tally 9 Ledgers under the list of groups: List of Tally Ledger groups (Ledger under which Head). check here the complete list of books created in the Tally ERP 9 AND Tally Ledger group list. Tally ledger under the group list in Hindi, Ledgers are a very important part for journal entries in Tally. We provide here the list of common accounting books created for the profit and loss account, the balance sheet and the trading account. The creation of leader is a very important part for the appropriate log entries in Tally ERP9. Recently, we have already provided "Tally ERP 9 useful short cut keys" and Accounting Heads for Tally. Now you can scroll down under n check more details about the list of "Tally 9 Ledger in the group list"
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Creating Tally Erp 9 Ledger in an appropriate account group is a key part of the implementation of Tally ERP 9. In each implementation of Tally's Ledger group account list, first prepared, which affects the display of the transaction, Profit and loss and the balance sheet. Here is the list of the respected general ledger and book group

Here in this publication I try to provide the whole list of books needed for a new company open in Tally ERP 9. This publication is intended only for beginners who do not know how to start and know the books required for a new startup Business. In this table, I tried to put all the Ledger in the right groups to get a precise operating result and a balance sheet.

Tally Ledger Groups List (Ledger under Which Head or Group comes under)

Accounts Name Groups
Accrued Income Current Assets
Accrued Rent/ Accrued Income Current Assets
Advertisement Expenses Indirect Expenses
Advertisement Payable Current Liabilities
Air Conditioner Fixed Assets
Apprentice Premium Direct Incomes
Audit Fees Indirect Expenses
Bad Debts Indirect Expenses
Bad Debts Received Indirect Incomes
Bad Debts Reserve (last year balance) Indirect Incomes
Bank Bank Account
Bank Balance Bank Account
Bank Charges Indirect Expenses
Bank Commission Indirect Expenses
Bank Loan Loans & Liabilities
Bank Overdraft Bank OD
Bills Payable Current Liabilities
Bills Receivable Current Assets
Bombay Branch Branch & Division
Bonds Current Assets
Building Fixed Assets
Capital Capital Account
Car Fixed Assets
Car Expenses Indirect Expenses
Car Repair Indirect Expenses
Carriage Direct Expenses
Carriage on Sales Indirect Expenses
Cash Cash in Hand
Cash at Bank Bank Account
Closing Stock Stock in Hand
Coal & Fuel Direct Expenses
Coal, Gas & Water of Factory Direct Expenses
Coffee Expenses Indirect Expenses
Coke Expenses Indirect Expenses
Commission (Cr.) / Commission Received Indirect Incomes
Commission (Dr.) Indirect Expenses
Computer Fixed Assets
Consignment Stock Current Assets
Consumed Material Direct Expenses
Coolage Direct Expenses
Creditors Sundry Creditors
Debtors Sundry Debtors
Deferred Expenses Current Assets
Deferred Income Current Liabilities
Delhi Branch Branch & Division
Depreciation Indirect Expenses
Depreciation Reserve Current Liabilities
Difference in Trial Balance (Dr or Cr) Suspense Account
Discount (Cr.) / Discount Received Indirect Incomes
Discount (Dr) / Discount Allowed Indirect Expenses
Donation Indirect Expenses
Drawing Capital Account
Electricity Expenses Indirect Expenses
Expenses on Purchases Direct Expenses
Expenses on Sales Indirect Expenses
Export Duty Indirect Expenses
Factory Fixed Assets
Factory Expenses (Lighting, Power etc.) Direct Expenses
Factory Incomes Direct Incomes
Farm House Fixed Assets
FDR Current Assets
Fire Insurance Indirect Expenses
Fitting Charges Received Indirect Income
Forex Gain Loss Indirect Expenses
Freight Direct Expenses
Freight Inward Direct Expenses
Freight on Purchase (Freight Inward) Direct Expenses
Freight on Sale (Freight Outward) Indirect Expenses
Freight Outward Indirect Expenses
Fuel & Power of Factory Direct Expenses
Furniture & Fitting Fixed Assets
Furniture & Fixture Fixed Assets
Gas and Water Direct Expenses
General Expenses Indirect Expenses
General Reserve Current Liabilities
Godown Rent Indirect Expenses
Goods Sent on Consignment Sales Account
Goodwill Fixed Assets
Horse & Carts Fixed Assets
House Rent Capital Account
Hundi (Assets) Current Assets
Hundi (Liability) Current Liabilities
Import Duty Direct Expenses
Income From Repair Indirect Incomes
Income on Assets Indirect Incomes
Income on Investments Indirect Incomes
Income Tax Capital Account
Input VAT 4%, 12.5% Duties & Taxes
Insurance Indirect Expenses
Insurance Claim Indirect Incomes
Insurance Company Sundry Debtors
Interest (Dr.) Indirect Expenses
Interest on Capital Indirect Expenses
Interest on Drawing Indirect Incomes
Interest on Loan Indirect Expenses
Interest Received (Cr.) Indirect Incomes
Invest in Govt. Bond Investment
Investment Investment
Labour Charges Indirect Expenses
Land & Building Fixed Assets
Lease Hold Building Fixed Assets
Legal Expenses Indirect Expenses
LIC Premium (Dr) Capital Account
LIC Refund (Cr) Capital Account
Life Insurance Capital Account
Loan on Mortgage, Loans Loans & Liabilities
Loose Tools Fixed Assets
Loss By Damage Indirect Expenses
Loss by Fire Indirect Expenses
Loss in Transit Indirect Expenses
Loss on Assets Indirect Expenses
Loss on Joint Venture Indirect Expenses
Machine & Tools Fixed Assets
Machine Repair Indirect Expenses
Manager’s Commission Indirect Expenses
Manufacturing Expenses Direct Expenses
Master Plus Investment
Miscellaneous Expenses Indirect Expenses
Miscellaneous Income Indirect Incomes
Motor Cycle Fixed Assets
Motor Cycle Repair Indirect Expenses
Mutual Fund Investment
Octroi Direct Expenses
Office Expenses Indirect Expenses
Oil Direct Expenses
Opening Stock Stock in Hand
Output VAT 4%, 12.5% Duties & Taxes
Outstanding Expenses Current Liabilities
Packing Exp. Indirect Expenses
Pan and Tea Expenses Indirect Expenses
Personal Expenses Capital Account
Petrol Expenses Indirect Expenses
Plant & Machine Fixed Assets
Postage & Telegram Indirect Expenses
Power & Fuel Direct Expenses
Prepaid Expenses Current Assets
Printing & Advertisement Indirect Expenses
Printing & Stationery Indirect Expenses
Printing, Papers & Advertisement Indirect Expenses
Production Wages Direct Expenses
Profit on Consignment Indirect Incomes
Profit on Jointventure Indirect Incomes
Provision for Bad Debts Indirect Expenses
Provision for Discount on Creditors Indirect Incomes
Provision for Discount on Debtors Indirect Expenses
Provision for Office Expenses Current Liabilities
Purchase Purchase Account
Purchase of New Land Fixed Assets
Purchase of Raw Material Purchase Account
Purchase Return Purchase Account
Purchase UP/ Ex-UP Purchase Account
Railway Authority Sundry Debtors
Rates & Taxes Indirect Expenses
Refreshment Expenses Indirect Expenses
Refrigerator Fixed Assets
Rent Indirect Expenses
Rent & Tax Indirect Expenses
Rent on Purchase Direct Expenses
Rent Payable Current Liabilities
Rent Received Indirect Incomes
Repair & Renovation Indirect Expenses
Repairing Charges Received Indirect Incomes
Return Inward Sales Account
Return Outward Purchase Account
Salary Indirect Expenses
Salary & Wages Indirect Expenses
Salary Payable Current Liabilities
Sales Sales Account
Sales Return Sales Account
Sales UP/ Sales Ex-UP Sales Account
Scooter Fixed Assets
Shares / Bonds Investments
Shop Fixed Assets
Shop Expenses Indirect Expenses
Shop Rent Indirect Expenses
Showroom / Shop Fixed Assets
Showroom Repair Indirect Expenses
Stable Expenses Indirect Expenses
Stamp & Postage Indirect Expenses
Stationery Indirect Expenses
Stock (1st April and 31st March) Stock in Hand
Stock of Material Current Assets
Sundry Creditors Sundry Creditors
Sundry Debtors Sundry Debtors
Tea Exp. Payable Current Liabilities
Tea or Coffee Expenses Indirect Expenses
Telephone Expenses Indirect Expenses
Telephone Securities Indirect Expenses
Trade Expenses Indirect Expenses
Train Freight & Rent Direct Expenses
Travelling Expenses Indirect Expenses
Typewriter Fixed Assets
Unearned Income Current Liabilities
UPTT Duties & Taxes
VAT Payable Current Liabilities
Vehicle Repair Indirect Expenses
Wages Direct Expenses
Wages on Production Direct Expenses
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