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GST Returns: Types, Forms & Due Dates of GST Returns 2017

The goods and services tax in India has also been deployed, the government has released the details of the GST return form that must be classified according to the GST due dates set out in the attached notification. Submission and download of returns are totally online. We have mentioned all the GST deadlines with their respective GST forms in the bills.

GSTR 3B return form last date is August 20, 2017 for the month of July. Form GSTR 3B will begin to be filed as of August 5, 2017, mentioned by the CEO of GST Network Navin Kumar.

GST Return Due Dates for July 2017 & August 2017

Particulars GSTR 3B GSTR 1 GSTR 2
Jul-17 20th August 5th September 10th September
Aug-17 20th September 20th September 25th September

Note: The returns  of GST will be filed through GSTR 3B return form for starting 2 months (July & August) only after which normal schedule will be started  i.e. from September.

Types and forms of GST Returns and their Due Dates 

GSTR 1 - The form is associated with all registered resellers who are in normal rule or the composition regime must file their sales register for the previous month by the 10th of each month.

GSTR 2 (only for standardized dealer purchase record) - The GST due date for the form is no later than the 15th of next month and the data can be downloaded daily whenever necessary .

GSTR 3 (Only for normal brokers) Monthly return - The due date of the  GST form is no later than the 20th of next month for returns filed in the previous month.

GSTR 4 (For Quarterly Accounting Resellers) - The GST due date for the form is no later than the 18th of next month following the end of the quarter in which the return is filed and must be three months prior.

GSTR 5 (Return for non-resident) - The deadline for GST submission of the form is on the 20th of next month and at the time of closing the business within 7 days.

GSTR 6 (Input Service Distributor) - The GST return deadline for Form GSTR 6 is the 13th of the next month the filing was filed.

GSTR 7 (return TDS) - The deadline for the return deposit for the GSTR 7 form is the 10th of the next month when the return is filed.

GSTR 8 (E-Commerce Operator) - The GST return deadline for Form GSTR 8 is the 10th of each following month in which the return is filed.

GSTR 9 (Standard Declaration for the Standard Dealer) - Form GSTR 9 is a mandatory form that must be filed or before December 31 after the end of each fiscal year.

GSTR 10 - Final return for taxpayer after assignment or cancellation of registration. See Form GSTR 1

GSTR 11 (SUPPLY STATEMENT INSIDE UIN) - (INDUSTRY SUPPLY STATEMENT FOR UIN CARRIER) - The expiry date of Form GSTR 11 is the 28th of the month following the month

GST Return Last Dates of in September 2017 for Indian Tax Payers

GST Forms GST Due Dates GST Filing Dates Associated Tax Payers
GSTR 1 10th of Next Month 10th October, 2017 Normal or Composite Dealers
GSTR 1A Outward supply details of Business unit Corrected or Deleted
GSTR 2 15th of Next Month 15th October, 2017 Normal Dealers Purchase Register
GSTR 2A Inward supply reconciliation in Form GSTR-1 by supplier to business
GSTR 3 20th of Next Month 20th October 2017 Normal Dealers Monthly Return
GSTR 3A Notice on failure of returns furnishing to registered taxpayer
GSTR 3B 20th of Next Month (Only for July & August) July – 20th August & August – 20th September All Dealers
GSTR 4 18th of Next Quarter 18th October, 2017 Composite Dealers
GSTR 4A Inward supplies reconciliation under composition scheme in form GSTR-1 as supplier furnished
GSTR 5 20th of Next Month 20th October 2017 Non Resident
GSTR 6 13th of Next Month 13th October, 2017 Input Service Distributors
GSTR 6A Inward Supplier reconciliation by ISD in form GSTR-1 as supplier furnished
GSTR 7 10th of Next Month 10th October, 2017 TDS Returns
GSTR 7A Certificate of TDS
GSTR 8 10th of Next Month 10th October, 2017 E-Commerce Operators
GSTR 9 31st December of Next F.Y. Registered Taxable Person
GSTR 9A 31st December of Next F.Y. Taxpaying compounding of Annual return
GSTR 10 Within three months of the date of cancellation or date of cancellation order, whichever is later Final Return for the taxpayer after surrendering or cancellation of the registration
GSTR 11 28th of Next Month 28th October, 2017 Inward supplies statement for person having UIN
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