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In this article we are going to share details about CA Articleship Registration Forms and Registration Status CA Articleship Registration Process, Forms, Fees, Status
Documents for ca articleship registrationForm 102 and Form 103 - ICAI - The Institute of Chartered Accountants ...

CA IPCC May 2017 Results were reported on August 1, 2017. Congratulations to the students who successfully cracked the CAI IPCC. It is now time to do CA Articleship as part of the CA course. You can immediately start the CA  Article Registraion System for 2017.

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As part of the CA course, a CA student must undergo 3 years of training under a Chartered Accountant.
Of these 3 years of articles, 2 years of article are compulsory to be served within the framework of a chartered accountant in practice. However, in the final year of training, an HQ student can either continue training under a chartered accountant in practice or enroll in training under a chartered accountant in the job . Training under a chartered accountant in employment is called Industrial Training.

This article focuses mainly on how to enroll in training on articles. In addition to the procedure of registration of the article, this article also emphasizes:

When can I start my CA article?

After deleting the first group or both groups of CA-IPCC, you must undergo 3 years of articles under a CA.

Note: You can start your CA after clearing IPCC Group I, but you can sign up to CA Final only after deleting both IPCC groups.

You must be required to serve as part of a certification authority in practice for the first 2 years of articles. The last year of articles can be served under a CA in practice or under a chartered accountant in a job called Industrial Training.

How do I registration for Articleship?

You must apply in a company that has CA vacant trainees. You will be registered under a Chartered Accountant who will be your "Principal".

All CA firms are not eligible to provide training to CA members. The ICAI has imposed a limit on the CAs for registration of items under them.

CA in practice continues for a period of:       Maximum no. Items allowed to train

Up to 3 years                                                             1              Article Assistant
3-5 years                                                                    3              Article Assistant
5-10 Years                                                                  7              Article Assistant
Over 10 years                                                            10             Article Assistant

Example: A CA Firm has 4 certified accounting partners. All 3 have more than 10 years experience. Then, the total number of items CA can hire is 4 x 10 = 40 items.

You must tell ICAI about your registration as part of this particular CA.

You must purchase the Articleship entry forms to know. Form 102 and Form 103.

Where can I get the form?

Article registration forms:

Download Form 102

Download Form 103

1. You can purchase the form from the ICAI Regional Office and the ICAI offices. Cost: Rs. 50 only.

2. Download on the ICAI website: Form 102-

Form 103:

These forms are available for reference only. You must purchase the forms and then fill them in and drop them off.

Application form for articles 102: act of articles

 You must execute the act of the articles on a "non-judicial stamp document". Or you can affix the "Special Adhesive Stamps" of the required value.
The act of the articles should be performed for the full period of 3 years. If your act shows a lower period, it will not be accepted.
You must perform the act of the articles in duplicate printed form. The administrative assistant and the chartered accountant must sign the deed. The chartered accountant will retain the original copy of the deed and the duplicate copy will be provided to you. You must not submit the deed to the ICAI for registration.

Registration Form 103: Information Return

You must submit Form 103 in triplicate. A copy must be sent to the ICAI, one must be retained by the chartered accountant and one must be retained by you, that is, the item.
Documents to be enclosed with the article request:

The following documents are attached to Form 103:

a. The IPCC rescue sheet (downloaded can be used).

B. Certified copy of the 10th standard reference sheet.

C. Certified copies of +2 Signs.

re. Copies of ITT certificates and guidance.

Draft application for:

The JJE will be drawn in favor of "The Secretary, ICAI" and payable in your regional office (Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata).

Work schedule

The working hours for the trainees will be 35 hours in one week, excluding lunch time.

The office hours of office assistants usually do not have to be before 9:00. Or after 7:00 P.M.

The normal working hours of trainee assistants shall not begin after 11:00. Or finish before 5.00 P.M.

The working hours of the trainee assistants shall not exceed 35 hours per week, excluding the lunch break, and normally a trainee must work during the normal working hours fixed for the trainees.

Once a student sends the registration forms to the article, usually it takes about 20 to 30 days for the ICAI to respond. If a student does not receive the registration letter from the ICAI, it is recommended to check with your principal, as he also receives a copy of the ICAI letter.
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