(ICMAI) Toppers, CMA Pass Percentage & Toppers June 2017 - CMA Inter Final

(ICMAI) CMA Inter, Final June 2017 - CMA(ICMAI) Pass Percentage, Topper, Merit List

 CMA Final Result Pass Percentage-June 2017 Exam -

CMA-June-2017-Inter &-Final-Toppers-List-Pass-Percentage
ICMAI-CMA Inter &-Final-Toppers-List-Pass-Percentage
The Institute of Cost Management Accounting (ICMAI) reported the CMA results in June 2017 on August 23, 2017 and now ICMAI also publishes the list CMA Final & CMA Inter Toppers for the June 2017 attempt, we provide The PASS percentage OF CMA  CMA Toppers, CMA Top 3 List of Holders, Toppers  memo Sheets etc. ICMAI Result 2017 is already declared on August 23, 2017 and you can also check the results of the June 2017 RMR from the links below ...

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CMA(ICMAI) Pass Percentange, CMA Topper, CMA Merit List. CMA Final and CMA Inter Pass percentage June 2017. The ICMAI dec 2017 results are reported in the last low month of February 2017, see the list of final merits of the CMA and CMA and the list of replacements in December 2017. We provide here CWA / CMA final and interim updates for December 2017. Check the results 2017. ICMAI has released the result of the 2017 CMA, check the results of the 2017 CMA on servers Following examicmai.org, examicai.in. We also provide a toppers and merit list of CMA pass percentage and merit list. Check the final result CWA / CMA dec. 2017 and the interim result CMA Dec. 2017 with the list of merit and filling list. Find the result of the 2017 CMA, percentage of passage, topper, merit list below ...

ICMAI CMA June 2017 Inter & Final Toppers List Pass Percentage ...

CWA List of Provisional Ranks, Merit List, List of Coverage December 2017. Check your result with icmai.in (official website of the cost accountant) ICWAI CMA result Dec. 2017 of CWA Inter, Final, Foundation, CMA Inter & Final 2016 Dec Review results. Now you can scroll down and review all details of the CMA in December 2017. CMA Result June 2013, 2013. CMA Result June 2017, percentage of pass, topper, merit list

ICWA (CMA )Final Toppers List June 2017 (Syllabus 2012)

Rank    Roll No.          Name                                                                       Centre Name
1        202888          ANUG GAJRAJ SHAH                                               MUMBAI)
2        206644         SAI SRI LAKSHMI KONIJETI                                  Vijayawada
3         202130         PRANJAL SHRIVASTAVA                                          Kalyan

 CMA (ICWA) Inter Toppers List for June 2017 (Syllabus 2012)

Rank Roll No.     Name                                                                        Centre Name

1    114538    KUNDA REVATHI                                                        HYDERABAD
2    115574    INDRA KUMARI BADDELA                                        GUNTUR
3    115579    JAYA KRISHNA SIKHAKOLLI                                     GUNTUR

Provisional Rank list, June 2017 term for FINAL SYLLABUS - 2012
Provisional Rank list, June 2017 term for FINAL SYLLABUS - 2016
Provisional Rank list, June 2017 term for INTERMEDIATE SYLLABUS - 2012
Provisional Rank list, June 2017 term for INTERMEDIATE SYLLABUS - 2016 

(ICWA)- CMA Inter and CMA Final Pass Percentage June 2017

(updated soon).. 

(ICWA)- CMA Inter and CMA Final Pass Percentage Dec 2016

Hey guys, generally ICMAI don’t declare CMA (ICWA) Inter and Final pass percentage details for any attempt.

But for this attempt, "ICMAI has declared (ICWA) CMA Inter and Final pass percentage" December 2016.

The results of CMA (ICWA)  Dec 2016 term of Examination of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India(ICMAI)  have been declared today. The Institute conducts Intermediate / Final Examination twice in a year i.e. in June and December.

As announced by CMA Manas Kumar Thakur, President of the ICMAI, the pass percentage for CMA Intermediate and Final under 2012 syllabus is 9.09% and 12.71% respectively.

CMA Inter Results June 2017 |CMA Inter and Final  Pass Percentage

Exam                                                  Pass Percentage
CMA Inter December 2016                 9.09%
CMA Final December 2016                12.71%

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