Best & BIG CA Coaching Institutions In Andhrapradesh

Best & BIG CA Coaching Institutions In Andhrapradesh

Hello guys here we are going to share about List of Top Chartered Accountancy Colleges in India, CA Colleges List Which is the best college for CA in india? CPT, IPCC, CA Final, CS - VSI: Best CA  Coaching Institute in India Best Chartered Accountant Colleges In India (Top CA Colleges List ) Best & BIG CA Coaching Institutions In Andhrapradesh

Best Chartered Accountant Colleges In Andharapradesh and India

1 .Superwhizz

Superwhizz is an institution that was founded by Mr. A.Gupta, firmly believing in the conventional and customary practices adopted in years of training and education. An FCA, who has taught as a profession since 1992. Someone who believes in a teaching methodology that relates to human brains, which has reserves of untapped intellectual, psychological and physical resources. The empowerment of the software created by Mr. Gupta was the driving force behind the high quality of the learning experience at Superwhizz.

  His intense desire to provoke a tide of radical change in pedagogical techniques and traditional pedagogies culminated in the form of this institution. A humble beginning of an institute meant to produce professionals with CA, ICWA and CS qualifications, in addition to grooming candidates for contests like MBA, MCA. The level and extent to which abilities are developed in a person are recognized by the concepts of talent and genius.

Best & BIG CA Coaching Institutions In Andhrapradesh

List of Top Chartered Accountancy Colleges in India, CA Colleges List

Superwizz Contact Address:

39-1-89, Temple Street,
Labbipet, M G Road,
Vijayawada-520 010
Andhra Pradesh

Phone:    0866 2475252 (5 Lines)
Mobile:    9642475252


CA.M.S.N.Mohan, CA.M.Radha and CA.M.S.S.Prakash are the founders of MASTER MINDS. When they were in C.A.Foundation, they recognized the need for a good CA coaching teacher where all subjects can be taught under one roof. All qualified C.A.Foundation in the first attempt and began teaching all C.A.Foundation subjects. Thus, they entered the teaching profession at an early age. As the strength of students began to increase, they began a coaching center at the sambasivapet with only 30 students. After 3 years (in 2002), all qualified CA Final and established MASTER MINDS. At first they conducted the courses in a small campus located at 3/9 Brodipet with the strength of only 105 students and immediately the force transformed about 600 because of their relentless efforts. In this way, the university campus was transferred to their own multi-state building which was built in a fully equipped manner in the heart of the city surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere.

By finding the need to establish a junior college, exclusively for CA-oriented agencies like MEC & CEC, they also created a junior college with an eminent faculty of Guntur and proved they were, by assuring the 1st rank of Status in the first batch. Now the strength of the CME / CEC courses is about 150 sections. Now, college admissions are about 20,000 (approximately).

Now it has become the pride of India, assuring the 1st rank for 33 times

3. Sri MedhaV

Sri MedhaV was founded in 2007 with a strong will to confer a coaching of the intermediary junior (MEC / CEC) to CA under a same roof. Since then, the institute has successfully generated CA professionals and won the admiration of students and aspiring parents. Our deep roots in conceptual knowledge and ability to moderate towards the ever-changing environment and technical sophistication are the unmatched strengths and foundations of our future growth. The profile of our directors and the faculty's teaching capacity make us unique.

C.A Phani Kumar M, FCA Mr. Phani Kumar is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in CA coaching. It is a resource in the areas of costing and financial management. He is well known for his distinguished teaching methods and his LCD presentations. It is popular among the student community through the 1500 + seminars it has conducted through A.P. AWARDED AS CHANGES OF GAMES BY TIME OF INDIA

C. A Chaitanya Kishore CH. B.Com, FCA
Mr. Chaitanya Kishore is a Chartered Accountant who is ranked 8th in India in CWA. He is well known for this technical brilliance and his conceptual teaching. He is also a key contact person in the fields of Infotech, Taxation and Audit. WHERE GAMES CHANGES BY INDIA TIME

Contact Address of Sri medha V

4. Sri Medha

The Sri-Medha Institute for Vocational Studies was established in 2005 with a strong intention to give quality education to the high standards and values of the company. Since its creation,. Sri Medha has gradually evolved towards the fulfillment of its unique mission and has now become an important source in the academic landscape of Trade Stream in Andhra Pradesh.


To succeed in any professional career, one must be able to identify one's own abilities and weaknesses. Sri Medha conducts personality development courses by trained professionals and innovative techniques. This helps students overcome their weaknesses and become successful professionals.


Given that communication skills play a vital role in career development in this era of globalization, Sri Medha focuses on developing students' communication skills by conducting special training courses by experts and trainers.


To spread a corporate culture in students, Sri Medha often runs seminars and workshops by industry leaders. We provide comprehensive training in office procedure, business environment, general and business knowledge, etc. to turn students into full-time professionals.

One of our students won the FIR FIRST RANK contest at the national level CA Quiz by the ICAI.


Study materials are indispensable sources for students to enrich their knowledge of the subject and succeed easily. Sri Medha has compiled comprehensive study materials for all subjects for all CA levels. It is the result of the constant efforts of a team of eminent academics and researchers, the unique characteristics of our CPT hardware with 25,000 bits, 30 model tests and 125 regular tests distinguish us from other institutes.


In accordance with ICAI's new education and training scheme, a student who has been admitted to the IPCC and registered training must undergo 100 hours of training in information technology. Computer training in Sri Medha is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises so that the concepts are clearly defined by the students.


Sri Medha maintains a well stocked and furnished library which contains a wide range of reference books, periodicals and magazines on every subject.


Sri Medha believes that the good environment of the campus motivates and gives its students ample room for maneuver to inspire many inspirations for their lives. Each Sri Medha campus is located in a place where there is a pleasant atmosphere that initiates and ensures the learning of each student at the best level.


Sri Medha offers a comfortable and adequate residential installation for its students. Separate hostels for boys and girls provide a highly secure atmosphere. The serene environment of the hostels makes students feel at ease and adapt easily to new circumstances. Students receive appropriate assistance and advice from qualified internal tutors.

Sri Medha Provides good food in its kitchens which are also good. A balanced diet is achieved through a broad combination of food adequately provided.


Sri Medha has a well-managed transportation facility for comfortable student travel. It is operated by a well-experienced crew ensuring the safety of these students.

Contact Address of Srimedha


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