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Is life of CA, CMA &CS Student Harder?
Well, I do not distinguish the life of a CMA, CA, CS from the life of any other unaccredited accountant. Life is uncertain and there will be moments of joy, struggle, pain, happiness, and so on.
In general, there is a notion that the life of a CMA CA &CS is very difficult, there is a huge struggle. Well, the course is difficult and there is no doubt about it. Most problems arise, after inter-level, when a person has to undertake three years of training and prepare for exams as well.

Do CMA,CA &CS students really enjoy their life while becoming a CA/CMA./CS?

 There are advantages and disadvantages of everything, there is a lot of learning in these 3 years of training. It is difficult to remain determined for the entire period, so the emphasis on education is not lost. That said, if the person fails to clear the final exam on the first attempt, there is a lot of frustration. As the person had planned to pass this exam after a period of 3 years and failed. Most of the negative comments on the course come from here. There is a fixed percentage of deaths and the number of students who appear for the exam is quite high, resulting in a large number of students who do not submit the exam and a large amount of negative remarks. So this is the part of the struggle.

Anyone who trains for three years in an insurance business has experience, learning and exposure, friends, good times, everything. The person would have had a taste of the truth of life, the way each person must struggle to win, the hard work required and would have developed a good bond. There is a huge turnover in these companies that insists again --- More friends. If you remove the exam on the first attempt, the sky is the limit in terms of packages, the highest reaches 15lakhs p.a (approximately)
In general, students drop out of their regular college course to join the article (3 years of training), which is called a boring part of student life. This is again subjective because many people choose to complete their college and join this, so I do not think there is a specific path to doing this course.

This is one of those courses where there is no age limit and there are no limits on the number of attempts. He gives a distinct honor when a person writes his name as CA ,CMA XYZ ...... By finishing the course there is a lot of satisfaction and retreat, all efforts and struggles seem worth it.
This allows you to come to life.
I have a lot to write, carries the length of my answer.

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