A 7-year-old girl asked Google a job - and got a personal response from CEO Sundar Pichai


Many of us have asked little children what they want to become when they grow up, only to listen to them enormously enumerating the job prospects they are considering. From doctors and teachers to scientists and astronauts - they offer interesting answers. But it seems that a little girl has her heart set to join the world's biggest search engine - Google, and she got a response from Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, nothing less!

In a lovely letter that Chloe Bridgewater, a seven-year-old from Hereford in the UK, wrote to Google Boss, she set her priorities. From working with Google to also work in a chocolate factory and swim in the Olympics, she seems to have great plans engraved for herself. In addition, it seems that Chloe's interest piqued after her father said she could "sit on bean bags and get off the slides and roll karts into a job in Google." If you think what we assume to be his "resume letter" is adorable, then wait until you see what Pichai had to say to him.

His father Andy Bridgewater shared Pichai's response in a LinkedIn post, which is now viral.

Watch what Sundar Pichai has answered the little girl here

"Dear Chloe,

Thank you very much for your letter. I'm glad you like computer and robots, and hope that you will continue to learn about the technology. I think if you continue to work hard and follow your dreams, you can accomplish whatever you define your mind - working at Google to swim in the Olympics. I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school! ......

All the best for you and your family. "

According to a Daily Mail report, Bridgewater said that after receiving the letter from Pichai, her daughter is now even more eager to do well at school and pursue her dreams.

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