CA-Chartered Accountant Salary /Pay scale for Fresher and Experienced Salary range

CA-Salary-Chartered -Accountant -Salary
CA Salary-Chartered Accountant salary/ Pay scale


Chartered Accountant Salary/Payscale

Chartered Accountant (CA) degree required a lot of hard work to devote to concept and learning. "This article covers the fine description of  Chartered Accountant salary of the in India"

The whole process of becoming a chartered accountant or a CA is as costly as it takes a lot of time. The wage of HQ has a variability that depends mainly on experience, costs of living in cities, skills, industry, etc. Although a chartered accountant (CA) is entitled to a substantially satisfactory remuneration, decide yourself whether the salary will be an apt return of your investment.

Starting  Salary of Chartered Accountant /Pay scale for Fresher and Experienced Salary range

As we have already mentioned, chartered accountants are entitled to remuneration that is considerably satisfactory. With varying degrees of contribution in the public and private sectors, chartered accountants are entitled to some of the best salary any company in India can offer.

Chartered Accountant Salary  by Experience Level

The already impressive remuneration and salary package of chartered accountants have the right to increase periodically with the growing number of years on the ground.

Experienced CA-CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT Average annual salary

Accounting our research 'Chartered Accountant average salary' as mentioned below.

Less than one year INR 2.5 lakh at INR 9 lakh

1-4 years INR 4 lakh at INR 12 lakh

5-9 years INR 3.6 lakh to INR 18 lakh

10-19 years INR 10 lakh at INR 25 lakh

20 years and over INR 15 lakh to INR 40 lakh

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CA Salary in India based on skills

As chartered accountants have promising and well prospects in leading and very developing  industries such as banks, finance,  taxation, etc., they can expect varying payroll packages offered in each of these areas:

Based on Skill set  Average annual salary of Chartered Accountant

Accounting INR 6.00lakh

Audit INR 6.8 lakh

Internal audit INR 6.2 lakh

INR Financial report 7 lakh

SAP FICO INR 6.8 lakh

INR Tax Advisory 6.9 lakh

CA Salary by Location
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Variations in wage bands based on differences in the cost of living in large cities also exist:

CA Average Annual Salary based on City

New Delhi, Delhi INR 2.5 lakh to INR 9 lakh

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 3 lakh to INR 10 lakh

Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 3.7 lakh to INR 12 lakh

Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 3.4 lakh to INR 13 lakh

Bengaluru, Karnataka INR 2.4 lakh to INR 12 lakh

CA Salaries by India

Wages based on the gender of chartered accountants are something like this:

CA Average Annual Salary based on Gender

Female INR 2,5 lakh to INR 10 lakh

Male, INR, 3, lakh, INR, 12, lakh

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We think the range of pay scale depends on many factors such as:

  • Number of attempts made.
  • Marks obtained in the final.
  • The knowledge you have. And the conceptual clarity that you hold on certain subjects.
  • The field you want to register (internal audit, taxes, mergers and acquisitions, etc.)
  • The company you applied for for a job.
  • Communication skills you see.
  • Interview Performance.
  • Many of these factors count in the interview and they also reflect on the package you get signed for. Leaving this aside, I can expect you to have an average of 9lacs.
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In a mid-sized  firm  a CA salary
- Nearly INR 3-4 lakes per year. Most freshers come together to gain experience for a big break in Industry.Here they usually do not take California, with much experience, unless they plan to introduce a new partner. If a cooler CA plans to start its own practice and understands the business, then there is no upper limit. I know few people who are in their thirties and do at-one less INR a year (of course this is after they have settled down). Initially, they do little more than yes most of them earn about INR 50-60k per month.

In Big4 industries CA pay scale- For someone who has done his / her articleship / training level 1 firm - INR 8-9 lakes per year, plus the annual performance bonus that can go up to 20% of the annual CTC. For the others its surrounding INR 7 lakes per year plus a similar bonus. Again there is no upper limit once you climb the ladder.

In Industry - Here the range is high because it depends on your number of attempts and the company from which you have completed your articleship. First attempt + Tier-1 Articleship firm and good interview techniques - 9 lakes INR + that can go up to INR 18 lakes. For others its Usually 4.5 INR 10 Lakes per year (you can start with as many and get down to every attempt and level your articleship business). Again, no upper limit once you climb the ladder. CFO of HUL earns about 6 at-minus (source - Couple of years PUH annual report).

Outside India the average package is about INR 20 lakes per year for a cooler (especially in the Middle East and Singapore) and this can go up to 60-70 lakes very quickly if you are well placed.

Some of the businesses paid in India are large consumer goods (ITC - 14lacs, Pepsi - 10lacs etc), E-commerce (Flipkart - 15 lakes + ESOP) and Telecom (Airtel - 14+ 2lacs).

Unlike other professions, there is no non-employment in CA and job security is good habit. The return on investment is also very high for most newly qualified chartered accountants.

In fact, it is the common mindset of people that a chartered accountant earns 7-9 lakhs per year from the beginning of the CA's completion. 

The salary of a CA depends on many factors.

Locality / City- You will get a decent salary in metropolitan cities compared to others.
Job Title - It depends a lot on your work that special job you do in a business or business. Like - Accounting Manager, Audit Manager or Tax Manager

Professional Experience - Your expertise in this field will help you earn more and much more.
Business / Business - A large company offers a big salary if you have all the qualities mentioned above compared to the small one. As Bharti Airtel offered the highest salary ever in New Delhi. That is, Rs. 21.50 lakhs per year.
And many more things / qualities you should have.

In arriving at your question, a newly spent CA can earn Rs. 30,000 to Rs .50,000 per month in India for 2 to 3 years. But this is not valid for everyone. I mean the average. This is the scene with the majority of CAs.

Average Salary for a Qualified Chartered Accountant is between 7–8 Lacs. But the Standard Deviation is quite high ranging from Rs. 76 Lacs to Rs. 4 Lacs.

Chartered Accountant Salary/pay scale based on Companies

Marico/BCG/ABG/HUL - Rs. 15–25 Lacs - These companies calls only Rankers for an Interview and offer something called a “Dream Job”.

Airtel/ITC/Trident - Rs. 18–25 Lacs - These companies recruit candidates mainly through campus for various roles.

Olam/Tolaram/Mount Meru - Rs.–20 Lacs - They recruit only through ICAI Campus for Africa, specially Nigeria. Altough the CTC they offer seems to be hefty, the Cash Component is quite low & add to it the risk of loosing your life at Nigeria.

PSUs like BPCL, ONGC, HPCL, IOCL, Oil India, REC - Rs. 10–12 Lacs - These companies shortlist candidates in the Campus on basis of Marks (55% or 60%) and then it depends on how your interview goes.
Goldman Sacs/Barclays/Standard Chartered - Rs. 8–11 Lacs - These companies recruit either On campus or Off campus generally for a Bank End role such as Product Control, Legal Entity Control etc.

Tata/Reliance/ Vedanta/ Kesoram/ MRF - Rs. 7–10 Lacs - These companies also recruit through campus. Good companies to start your career with if you want to enter the industries.
Infosys/Wipro/TCS - Rs. 7–10 Lacs - IT companies have less work pressure with good work life balance.

EY/ Delloite/ PWC/ KPMG/ Grand Thorton - Rs. 7–10 Lacs - They recuit for various profiles such as Internal Audit, Statutory Audit, Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax, M&A & Transfer Pricing. They hire the maximum number of CA freshers.

CA Firms - Rs. 3- 7 Lacs - There are a lot of CA firms which also hires candidates for same profiles as that of Big 4s.
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